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The Szechuan Inn
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chinese restuarant in Newbury Area

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SOUP (Minimum for 2 People)
B1       Seafood Tom Yum     £9.95
B2       Chicken Tom Yum     £7.95

B3       Special Thai Mixed Starters (Per Person)     £7.95
B4       Sweet & Sour Barbecued Spare Ribs     £4.95
B5       Thai Spicy Crispy Wan Tun     £3.95
B6       Skewers of King Prawns in Garlic Pepper Sauce     £8.40
B7       Deep Fried Spicy Chicken with Sesame     £5.95
B8       Deep Fried Spicy Mussels in Batter     £5.95
B9       Quick Fried Spicy Mussels in Batter     £5.95
B10     Thai Special Delicious Fish Cakes     £5.95
B11     Thai Special Home Made Sweet Corn Cake     £4.95
B12     Thai Spicy Chicken Curry Wrapped in Banana Leaves     £5.95
B13     Special Creamy Seafood Rolls     £5.95
B14     Deep Fried Shredded Squid in Batter     £5.95
B15     Quick Fried Squid with Garlic Pepper     £5.95
B16     Shredded Duck Rolls with Basil Leaves     £4.95


B17     Thai Style Roast Chicken with Celery & Ginger     £6.50
B18     Fried Chicken in Sweet Honey Sauce     £6.50
B19     Fried Chicken with Basil Leaves & Chilli     £6.50
B20     Fried Chicken with Chilli & Lemon Grass Sauce     £6.50
B21     Chicken with Cashew Nut in Hot & Sweet Sauce     £6.50
B22     Thai Chicken Curry     £6.50
B23     Thai Style Roast Duck with Celery & Ginger     £6.90
B24     Deep Fried Fish in Sweet & Sour Sauce & Chilli     £6.50
B25     Fried Fish in Thai Style (Served in Hot Pot)  £6.50
B26     Quick Fried Beef with Basil Leaves & Chilli             £6.50
B27     Beef with Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce            £6.50
B28     Thai Beef Curry          £6.50
B29     Fried Prawn in Sweet Honey  £7.80
B30     Thai Prawn Curry        £7.80
B31     Prawn with Chilli & Lemon Grass Sauce       £7.80
B32     King Prawn in Batter with Hot & Sweet Sauce     £7.80
B33     Stir Fried Seafood with Basil Leaves & Chilli     £7.80
B34     Thai Special Rice     £4.95
B35     Thai Special Noodles     £6.95
B36     Thai Mixed Vegetables     £4.95

No Service Charge


chinese restuarant in Newbury Area
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